The Amazing Mail Game Photo

The Amazing Mail Game is a first person cartoony and lighthearted Unity project that I'm currently working on. Its gameplay revolves around delivering a variety of packages using whatever means necessary to their destinations scattered across a city filled with obstacles. The money you gain from your deliveries can be spent on new items, upgrades, vehicles, and more!

Once I feel the game has progressed enough to be released to the public it'll be available for a few dollars on Steam

But for now progress can be tracked on Trello

Patch Notes

Version 0.0.5 (4/20/21)



In game console

Loading Screen

Sellable objects

Three new tools

Vehicle upgrade prices

Updated vehicle controller

Insta-blackout option

Version 0.0.4 (2/22/21)

Awesome GIFs and Images no longer available


Synced players

Synced vehicles

Synced world objects

Deformable boxes

Custom color picker menu

Ambient occlusion on objects

Vehicle color customizations

Vehicle horn customizations

Vehicle speed customizations

Online ragdolls

Face painter

Saved character customizations


Player camera jitters

Pickup objects at same time

Player name goes away when dead

Version 0.0.3 (1/17/21)

Full Write up not available at this moment


Added a system for purchasable houses

Added a player customization menu

Added a day night cycle

Added sprinting

Added a main menu

Added first person ragdolling on death

Added bridge tiles/more sand tiles

Added random environment hazards

Added clouds

Made boxes not fall out of vehicles

Created a larger map with more islands

Added an Option menu (and settings config)


Accidentally picking up new items when dropping old ones

Player picking up objects while driving

Player spawning inside of vehicles and dying

Improperly mapped stars in the skybox

Ragdoll didn't share same materials as player model

Map marker upside down in vehicles


Added a global normal map to all in game textures

Changed the main scene's lighting setup to improve visibility

Created a custom shader for the skybox

Added Beach Tiles

Created placeholder animations for the player

Created a custom water shader that surrounds the map

Made a shader supported by a script to customize character appearance

Added the Golf Cart

Added basic pedestrian NPC's

Added support for snow in the main material shader

Added custom skybox effects that are tied to camera height (underwater/space)


The roads are no longer super deep and now have slopes on the edges

Made the scale of textures more uniform between all models in game


Added the ability to pickup/drop boxes

Added the ability to deliver packages

Added a player model

Added a vehicle (The Bicycle)

Added the phone that let's you use multiple different apps (Map, Scanner, Camera, Stats)

Added a compass at the top of the screen to direct you to your objective

Added a long list of items that are contained within boxes


The player no longer spazzes out when placed on a vehicle

You can no longer throw you packages through buildings