Montbre is a WW2 fps where you take control of units on the map by hopping between their perspectives. You can jump from one soldier to another soldier if you prefer their loadout, or if you need support from the air you can track down one of your planes and take control of that too.

 Progress can be tracked on Trello

Patch Notes

Version 0.1.3 (1/25/23)


Added a Soviet fighter plane (Yak-9)

Added a German cargo plane (JU-52)

Added a German medium tank (Panzer 4)

Added a German light tank (Panzer 38)

Added a controllable free camera

Changed the style of the graphics so that its more consistent and so that I can make content faster

Baked occlusion culling for performance

Map icons now flash when under attack and the enemy team is hidden unless fighting

Added tank engine sounds

Added infantry hit sounds

Added metal hit sounds

Added a metal spark effect when shooting metal objects

Added footstep sounds to the grass and the walkways

Lowered the tank explosion sound volume

Reduced overall weapon sway

Turned down the intensity of plane smoke

Sped up all projectiles

Changed from deferred to forward rendering

Tanks now tint black when destroyed

Scaled the map down by about 25 percent

Added reverb to sounds inside the tanks


Planes now despawn after crashing

Lots of loose ends that I've forgotten

Version 0.1.2 (1/5/23)


Added weaker but faster light tanks

Planes can now break apart when destroyed

Planes now explode when they crash

Tanks have an suppression/smoke effect when they fire

Tanks have a critical hit spot on the back now

Planes now drop bombs when attacking ground targets

Bombs can now be shot to make them explode

You now gray out after death in all vehicles

Moved objective C a little

Infantry no longer spawn on contested flags

Infantry spawn bunched closer together

Infantry wait to fully capture a point before moving on

Changed the default setup settings

All AI are more responsive after being dismissed

Tanks now head towards flags and capture them

Added damage markers for player caused explosions


Fixed menu swapping glitch after death

Removed "clear" option when controlling tanks

Map screen no longer stays zoomed in after dying

The planes are now properly spotting air and ground targets

You can no longer capture objectives from a gamemode you're not playing

Fixed tanks not being responsive to enemies

Removed propeller shadows

Version 0.1.1 (12/31/22)


Added a flip spawns and a random loadout option to the game setup menu

Added a subtle soundscape to the map

You now select units using an overview map instead of at random

Hit effect is now black instead of white

Added a game icon to the executable

Disabled decals until I can do them properly


Cargo planes are no longer controllable

Plane sounds now change with volume settings (and pause)

Audio sources have been somewhat balanced

Flare boundary box now fixed to prevent culling

Units now spawn facing the right direction

Swapped from FXAA to MSAA cause it was super blurry

Various other minor bugs