Jordan Millett

Game Dev Hobbyist

Suspect (Apr. 2023) - In Development

With this project I've had great success with networking, level design, lighting, and first person mechanics. Networked objects are properly synced through Mirror and Steam and there's text & voice chat too. Levels are easy to make because I studied source maps to figure out the best methods for designing and lighting interiors. Also I'm using a proper first person overlay camera for weapons and even added dynamic sway synced to camera movement/rotation.

Badlands (Feb. 2023) - In Development

With Badlands I had a chance to revisit procedural level generation while also focusing on actual game design and how to structure systems that motivate players to do certain things. Repeated runs are entertaining because each time you go to a new station your goals may be different as well as the conditions of the level. I made a lot of progress on the UI system I use too.

Montbre (Mar. 2022)

Montbre has been a huge learning experience for me. Sound design, animations, complex systems like the custom AI have kept me busy by forcing me to constantly improve on what I've done in the past. The map has been reworked multiple times and so has the gunplay.

Marshrutka (Sep. 2021)

Although this never was finished, I think I managed to accurately follow a cohesive art style so that the game appeared more professionally done than my other work.

Gone Kartin (Aug. 2021)

I made this game in a week for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2 game jam. Gone Kartin placed 28th in the "fun" category out of 1,723 entries. I'm quite proud of the level of work I put into such a small but concise project.

The Amazing Mail Game (Dec. 2020)

The Amazing Mail Game is the result of me moving quickly and breaking things. I took on the idea of networked multiplayer along with a dozen other things added through feature creep. This project has not been finished and I'm not sure if it will ever be released in a polished state.

Kosmos (Jul. 2020)

This game focused on quantity to make the gameplay fun. It had a two stage approach to gameplay where there was a map view and then a combat view and I really liked how much that added to the experience.

Little Story (Jun. 2020)

I really liked how cohesive the map and art style was in this game but it really lacked gameplay. It was story focused and that was something I discovered was my weak spot.

Delve (Feb. 2020)

I tried to make detailed models in this project, some were alright but I found that keeping a consistent level of quality between models is difficult.

notBorderlands (Jan. 2020)

I copied many aspects from the looter shooter Borderlands in this project. I wanted to see what I could do with an already pre-established art theme and gameplay features.

Generic FPS Game (Oct. 2019)

I tried to make the gunplay in this game fun by copying features I saw from other games. I also made a few destructable items in the environment that you can interact with.

RTS Game (Sep. 2019)

This was my first time programming any sort of AI that used pathfinding. If I would've taken it further it may have been a fun game.

Space Game (Aug. 2019)

I had fun with some procedural generation as seen with the space station and the asteroids. I also experimented with world space UI features for the first time.

Multiplayer Game (Jul. 2019)

I had a chance to practice my 3D modeling skills but never got multiplayer working of course.

Generic Open World Game (Jul. 2019)

My first time making anything in Unity. Featured a absolutely broken inventory system but a somewhat functional infinite procedural map.